Horse Riding Camp - Equinosport
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Horse Riding Camp


Our objetive:

In addition to fun and learning, through the program of activities we will ensure that children:
-Live in contact with the environment and nature.
-Be more sociable.
-Improve their communication and expression, overcoming shyness or fear of the unknown.
-Work in a group.
-Develop values ​​such as respect, tolerance, responsibility to care for our favorite animal … the horse.
-And, of course, exploit your imagination to the fullest.



Horse riding:
For the most inexperienced children we will give notions of handling the horse, we will teach them to treat them in the stable, their basic care such as cleaning and feeding. As well as lounging, riding, dressage, initiation in show jumping. We will also do horseback trails at the end of the afternoon, where we will teach them the rules of circulation on horseback and cross paths with flocks of sheep and goats.

The most advanced children have the option of training in dressage, jumping and cross country according to their level, as well as participating in the activities of basic care, cleaning and handling of the horse.

Our equestrian facilities consist of four riding arenas, one of them covered to avoid heat / rain, 20 Ha of fenced farm (with natural cross country fences) for horseback riding, boxes, tack rooms, changing rooms …



The camp is bilingual Spanish / English and language classes are taught daily. In the leisure the use of the language will be reinforced with activities and games.


Activities and entertainment:

Gymkanas in which we will take advantage of to get closer to our environment and our animals.
Game of handkerchief in pony and horse racing.
Sack races.
Camping fire and barbecue.
Night cinema
Walks in horse cars.
Visit to the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art or Yeguada Militar de Écija.
And much more…



The camps are located in the facilities of Hípica Rancho Alegre.
In our center we have all the necessary facilities to welcome children, from the comfortable and spacious common rooms divided into amazons and riders, fully air-conditioned with their adjoining bathrooms, the different riding arenas, green area, barbecue, swimming pool, dining room, classroom, always within a natural and family environment, where we will develop most of our activities.


Organization and location of the Camp:

The organization in children’s camps is fundamental. We keep children engaged in fun activities while they are accustomed to not depend on their parents, learn to share and help others, our camp will be your «home of fun» that week of deserved vacation after a hard school year.
Boys and girls between the ages of three and sixteen.
Children will be divided into groups, according to their levels of riding and their ages, as well as their knowledge of English/Spanish.



Accommodation: Shared rooms. Divided by girls and boys, children stay in bunk beds. The bathrooms are independent and complete.
Full board: We prepare a weekly menu so that meals are balanced. Includes breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.
Common areas: All the facilities of our equestrian center.

More information:

We guarantee the safety of children. The monitors supervise all the activities that are carried out and have the title of Sports Technician in Equitation, Title of lifeguard and first aid, bilingual teacher of English. A Medical Center is available 24 hours near the equestrian center.
Contact with children: the visit of the parents during the camp is not allowed. This favors the integration of the children. To be able to contact them, children are allowed to bring their mobile phones. The contact schedule will be during the leisure time. They will not be called later than 10:30 pm.

We will provide a mobile phone from one of the camp monitors to contact their kids in case they do not have their own cell phones.

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